Services Overview

BICS has a number of Fixed Fee service packages to offer customers that help them understand their business processes and delivery more effective projects to improve these processes.

Process Assessment
This package allows customers to truly understand the level of performance of their process. It focuses on measuring process capability by using Lean Six Sigma Statistical Process control measures and other reports to understand the processes variability and capability. This uniquely positions clients to understand the direction for their process improvements and the readiness for automation.

Project Assessment
This service is target to ensuring that solutions targeted to improve processes will achieve the results that clients expect. This is particularly true for solutions that involve the introduction or significant modification of computer systems. This service delivers documented ‘To Be’ process charts, targets for process performance and an implementation charter that truly reflects the expectations of management.

Training, Coaching and Mentoring
In January 2012 BICS is introducing training targeted to Project Managers that will improve their understanding and application of tools and techniques from Lean Six Sigma. This training will also be complimented with coaching and mentoring to ensure that PMs are able to apply these tools in projects they are managing.

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