about us

About Us

Our Business
BICS is a group of project management consultants specializing in implementing projects to achieve measurable results and provide training, coaching and mentoring to develop project management skills.

Our Customers
Our customers are large and medium sized companies which are:

  • Anticipating or undergoing very large demands for change,
  • Have experienced a system implementation that has failed,
  • Do not have the internal capacity to implement solutions to complex business problems,
  • Want to build internal Project Management capacity.

Our Service
  • BICS provides leadership in aligning business processes, IT development and key performance measures, so that the projects we manage meet their business objectives.
  • In addition we work with our clients to build capacity to support a continuous improvement environment.
  • BICS training in Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques equips project managers to work in a continuous improvement environment.

Our Differentiation
  • BICS consultants are experienced in delivering and implementing  solutions, managing complex projects,  and measuring the results.  Our approach is based in best practices of Lean Six Sigma and PMBOK but are customized to the client needs.   Our focus is on ensuring that IT solutions are driven by the business and its processes, not a solution looking for a problem. 
  • Our training is unique as it is premised on the practical application of tools and techniques and followed up with coaching and mentoring of PM resources.